About Us

Hello, my name is Poul and I’m a certified Life, Health, and Nutrition coach.  After 20 years of holistic living and helping friends and loved ones with their health and life, I decided to get certified and do this for a living.  While coaching I discovered my once-a-week client sessions wasn’t as effective as I wanted it to be.  I knew my clients could benefit more if there was a daily connection and accountability, so I integrate coaching tools with, organization and bookkeeping in one app.

In this app, coaches and clients can interact during a session or during the week.  Together they can set up goals and accomplish each goal with Habit changes.  All of this can be monitored in real time by the coach, including journaling and notes. You can even send a word of encouragement addressing their progress right in the app.  Easy auto pay set up for clients and coaches makes bookkeeping a snap.  Transition from the struggle of managing 2-4 clients to easily handle 20+ clients all in one location.  Coaching doesn’t need to be complicated.  The main thing is to stay on the same page with your client.  Listen to them, find the why beneath the why, then support their goals with monitored habit changes.  They don’t need to go fast as much as they need accountability and encouragement.

I am committed to listening to all your comments and updating my application to meet your needs as a coach.  As we grow together this app will become more and more powerful.  I only ask that you start learning the basics now, so new updates are not overwhelming.  Some apps start off so complicated that users give up.  I want to help you begin with all your set up and then move into more features.  Believe me when I say I want this app to help grow your business and I am willing to put the time and money into this to make sure Life Canon can meet your needs.

DOWNLOAD Life Canon today and take control of your future!

If you want to become a successful coach and need a little more  help I can help coach you into a successful coach.  Just tap the link to my coaching website and send me a note.  Go to LifeCanonCoaching.com  https://lifecanoncoaching.com/